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Banana Bobby Gets Bifocals
  • Banana Bobby Gets Bifocals

Banana Bobby Gets Bifocals
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One of the main concerns I hear from doctors all the time is that when children have bifocals in their glasses they don't use them correctly. In addition to that, parents tell me over and over that they don't know if their child is using the bifocal, or even how to tell. "Banana Bobby Gets Bifocals" addresses these concerns in a fun and innovative way.

The book is designed so that if you follow it correctly, you will not only know when your child is using their bifocals well, but also will learn how to recognize what proper bifocal usage looks like. You will see how normal head movements track and be able to see when your child is not using the bifocals properly, or later on if he or she might be developing bad habits due to poor fitting.

Comes with Banana Bobby Gets Bifocals book, a pack of blue stickers for your child's glasses, and a special parents-only solution spy glass.

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