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Hey Miss Danielle:

realname: Mr. Steve
Childs_Name: Mr. Steve
Question: Why does my wife like to poke me in the eyes ? How come I only see and hear what I want to see and hear, my wife says this is a serious condition, I feel fine. Miss Danielle what do you think. Is this all related to any eye problems?

Miss Danielle's reply:

Thank you Mr. Steve for e-mailing me your question. This is clearly a genetically altered male trait. Please know that you are not alone, in fact 11 out of 12 males suffer from this condition. Your wife is simply practicing the only cure known, that is the poking of the eyes. One of the symptoms, as you mentioned, is just feeling fine. So anytime that you are feeling fine, it may result in a poke in the eye to cure the problem. Again thank you for e-mailing me and I hope I have answered your question adequately. Please feel free to e-mail your questions to me anytime.
P.S. You may want to take up Braille or save money for a seeing-eye dog.
Thank you,
Miss Danielle

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