Possible Frame Count (Optician Thoughts)

Written by Danielle D. Crull ABOM on October 27th, 2016 @ 5:40:38 PM (last updated on October 27th, 2016 @ 6:40:45 PM)


*Possible Frame count = 650*

(Someone’s here, must be a mommy, she’s holding a little guy’s hand and coming inside the door…He looks to be about 4 years old and she has a paper in her hand.)

*Possible Frame Count = 200*

“Hello, how are you?”

(he seems pretty happy, guess the doctor visit wasn’t too bad)

“I’d love to help you with glasses, do you have a prescription?”

(+4.50 in both eyes, Dr. Smith, was seen yesterday…I bet it’s a first Rx)

*Possible Frame Count = 150*

“Is this his first pair of glasses?”

(oh, wow, what a cutie…He has Superman on his shirt…wide head, maybe a size 44, maybe even 46)

*Possible Frame Count = 125*

“Great, looks like Johnny has a prescription that is a little high and he will want to and need to wear them all the time. He’s going to love them!”

(superman..mmm…I know I have one of those toys around here somewhere)

“So Johnny, do you like Superman? Or are you Superman? Or shall I call you Clark? Wait! Do you have cape under that jacket?”

 (haha, that got a smile on his face! Success!)

“I have a Superman Mr. Potato Head…want to see it? He even has a cape!”

(cool, now I can get him to look up, pupillary distance…smaller than average, maybe 25/25…cute little ears, beautiful blue eyes, mmm…what frames do I have with a small bridge?)

 “Hey, Johnny…watch this! Superman is going to fly right at you!”

*Possible Frame Count = 80*

“How about I put Superman here on the table and I’ll look for some super cool glasses we can try on?”

(I should probably put comfort cables on his glasses, he’s pretty active)

*Possible Frame Count = 70*

“He’s so cute, how did you know he would need glasses?”

(I thought I saw his eye turn a little…I better make sure the frame has room for a bifocal, just in case he needs one later on)

*Possible Frame Count = 50*

“What’s your favorite color? Is it blue like Superman? Or Red like Ironman maybe?”

(okay, blue glasses…size 44 or 46, I have to put cables on them, they need a small bridge…oh wait! I forgot to look at his eye lashes)

“Hey Johnny, look at this! I have a Superman Lego person too!”

 (yikes! How did I miss those LONG beauties? Boys always have the longest eyelashes, Optician’s Bane)

*Possible Frame Count = 20*

“Let’s put these glasses on and look in the mirror, I bet you look like Clark Kent.”

 (okay, that didn’t work…where did that extra hand come from, I swear kids sprout them at will.)

“Hey Johnny, Super Spud wants to fly these glasses over to you…Swishhhhhhhh…boop…peekaboo”

 (now he’s laughing)

“Look in the mirror. Wow, look how handsome you are! You look just like Superman!”

(oh gosh, he’s adorable. Ear lengths are different…I’ll need to modify both with comfort cables and at different lengths!)

*Possible Frame Count = 15*

“Yes, they are super cute…let’s try this one next. It’s just a little lighter in color and rounder in shape than the first pair”

“How about this one? I bet Super Spud can put them on you again….Swishhhhhhh…boop”

 (those eyelashes are gonna be a challenge)

“These are cute, but it won’t work with his eyelashes. We don’t want them rubbing at all, that can cause problems”

(better put all these frames back….eyelashes, always the boys)

*Possible Frame Count = 8*

(oh wait, I forgot about this frame)

*Possible Frame Count = 9*

“Hey Jonny, these are so cool, they have rockets on the side! Swishhhhhh…Boop!”

(is that a choir of angels I hear? These are perfect! The nose is perfect, the ears can be modified, and yes, the eyelashes have clearance!!!! Yes, yes, yes!)

“Yeah I can see that, the blue does look a little purple…especially in the light.”

(boogers …)

*Possible Frame Count = 8*

“You prefer something a little lighter? Okay, let me see”

(uh oh, REAL boogers this time)

“Looks like Johnny needs a tissue, it’s that time of year…here ya go.”

*Possible Frame Count = 2*

“I think these two fit the best. They both have spring hinges, I can fit them with these comfort cables to keep them nice and snug while he’s running around and they work well with his eyelashes. This one has a slightly lighter color and this one has red on the side. Let’s try them both on again…..swishhhhhh….boop….swishhhhh…boop!”

(two frames that can be fit perfectly! I like the red ones a lot, they make him look like Superman for sure)

“You want Johnny to decide? Okay…Johnny which pair of glasses is your favorite?”

(pick the ones with the red, pick the ones with the red)

“You like the ones with the red?”


“Good choice, Johnny! You can play for a little while and I’ll talk to mommy, then I will measure your eyes for your new, super cool glasses!”

When it comes to choosing glasses, there’s more than meets the eye. From the parent’s point of view, you are concerned with the look on your child’s face, and rightly so. You look at your little kiddo every day. Your child has a unique personality and his or her glasses should be an expression of that. As you can see from the story though, there is quite a lot to be concerned with in regard to picking out glasses. Fashion and looks are great, but if the glasses don’t fit well, it doesn’t matter how good they look, your child will not be happy wearing them.  Not every pair of glasses can be fit or should be fit for your child. Finding that magic combination of a smart, cute look and a great fit is why seeking a trained optician is so important. From the eyelashes, to the potential need for bifocals, these things are what occupy the mind of an optician.


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